• How long will my Milahnia Extensions last?

          Milahnia Extensions will last up to one year with proper care and maintenance. Be sure to add heat protection when you style, and have them professionally colored if you wish to dye them. 

  • Can I dye my Milahnia Extensions?

          Absolutely. Milahnia Extensions can be washed, dyed and styled. We highly recommend you consult a professional hairstylist for the color you seek to achieve. 

  • How can I be sure my Milahnia Extensions will match my hair?

          There are 3 ways you can match your hair to your extensions. First we recommend you use our product pictures as a guide. One photo is taken in direct sunlight and another photo is taken under natural lighting.

Next, we recommend purchasing a color ring. Our color rings hold all the shades we provide. Finally, you can always email us with a photo of your hair color so we can help you as best we can. Email: Milahniahair@outlook.com

  • Can I wear my Milahnia Extensions if I have short hair?

          Yes. If wearing Milahnia Clip-Ins, we recommend your hair length be at-least up to your shoulders; anything shorter will make it difficult to blend. 

          If wearing a Milahnia Halo, we recommend your hair be chest length or longer. 

          For a Milahnia Ponytail, your hair must be long enough to be put up into a bun. 

  • How many grams per hair set? 

          Milahnia Clip-ins: 16 inch, 150 grams. 20 inch, 165 grams or 220 grams. 24 inch, 280 grams. All sets are double drawn.

          Milahnia Halo: 150 grams 

          Milahnia Ponytail: 22 inch, 140 grams. 26 inch, 140 grams. 

  • How often should I was my Milahnia Extensions?

         If you wear your extensions regularly, we recommend washing them every 15 wears. This will keep products from building up.

  • Will my Milahnia Extensions hold a curl? 
          Milahnia Extensions are 100% human remy hair. They may be styled, washed and colored. Your curls will hold for days. 





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