Hair Length Guide

16", 20", or 24"? Which one is right for me?

Need help deciding which length is going to be right for you? We hope these transformations can guide you! Please note because each body type is different, not all lengths may look the same on everyone. 


Model Height: 5"0  

Congratulations, you have finally found the hair extensions that are going to meet all of your needs! Made with 100% human remy hair, Milahnia Hair Extensions are guaranteed to be the softest hair extensions you will ever wear. Each set is designed with you in mind. 

Milahnia Extensions 16 inch set is ideal for you if your hair is shoulder length, thin, and you just need that EXTRA volume and natural look. This set is double drawn meaning thick hair from roots to ends. Oh, and speaking of thin hair.. no need to worry about your hair extensions showing. Milahnia Extensions are designed with seamless wefts that lay flat against your hair making the experience incredibly discreet! 

Milahnia Extensions 20 inch set is our most popular set sold! Whether your hair is thin or thick, our 20 inch set is going to give you both length and volume. This length is long enough to reach below your chest, you know.. that length where its hard for your natural hair to grow out to! 

Milahnia Extensions 24 inch set is our longest set! We highly recommend this set if you like your hair to be the first thing people notice when you walk into the room. If you are around the 5'0 height, these extensions are sure to touch your waistline. Basically, this is our Rapunzel set. Who doesn't want long, silky and thick hair to feel like a princess?