NEW: Customize My Hair Shade

NEW: Customize My Hair Shade

Feel like you can't seem to find the exact hair extensions shade to match your hair?

With Milahnia Extensions newest customize option, you can create the extensions shade of your dreams!


Step 1:


Order your Milahnia Extensions Color Ring to choose the shades you would like to use in your set. Choose 2-3 shades depending on your desired look. Choose 2 shades for Ombre style, Choose 2-3 shades for Highlights style.

Step 2:



In your email include the following:

Length of Choice (For seamless clip-ins)

Shades of Choice

Step 3: 

In 2-3 Business days we will either approve or deny your request. Keep an eye out for an email from us! Once approved we will notify you via email with an invoice to begin your customized order.