Blondes Color Ring

Blondes Color Ring

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Milahnia Extensions Blonde Range Color Ring

Milahnia Extensions now offers color rings in 3 sets. One with all the shades, one with all brunette shades and one with all blonde shades. 

Your Blonde range color ring will also have a color chart guide to help you choose your best match. 

Once you have found your match, you can place your order with peace of mind! 

Shades in this Color Ring include:

Summer Blonde 

Bright Blonde 

Viking Blonde 

Dirty Blonde 

Golden Blonde 

Champagne Blonde 

Artic Blonde 

Bergen Blonde 


Scandanavian Blonde 

Rooted Blonde 

Blonde Baby

Norwegian Blonde

  Please note, not all stock photos are yet available online.