Milahnia Halo Autumn Spice

Milahnia Halo Autumn Spice

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Milahnia Halo

Shade: Autumn Spice

Length: 20 inches

Weight: 150 grams

Milahnia Halo Extensions are the perfect solution for instantaneous long hair. Our Halos are 100% human remy hair, and thick from roots to ends. Milahnia Halos are secure, easy and fun to wear. Always on the go? Milahnia Halos are going to be your new best friend! 

Please Note: 

Milahnia Halos are designed in two styles. Some Halos include different sized elastic wires that are replaceable. Other Halos come with 1 wire that can be adjusted by pulling the ends of the string. This does not change the quality or security of your Halo.